Our Crawley Centre has many exciting rooms for your little ones to explore! It also has a fully accessible toilet with a hoist and changing bed available for visitors and the public to use during opening hours, in addition to mobile hoist available for our visitors to use! Just ask at reception

The Lounges


We have two lounges for that home away from home feel! Complete with comfy chairs, a range of toys and books with drawing pens and paper to while away the hours and catch up with friends for a chat.

The Sensory Room


The Sensory Room is the perfect chill out space. Come and have your senses stimulated by our colour changing bubble tube, glowing ball pool, textured panels, image projector, dark tent and a variety of tactile fabrics, toys and lights!

Matthew’s Mangle


Soft Play Room


Come and be squeezed by our mangle, donated by the Matthew Russo Foundation, get lost in our tunnel cubes, play in the ball pool and create until your heart’s content with an array of soft building blocks!

The Kitchen


The Kitchen is a great place for lunchtimes, snacks and light refreshments with a fridge, cooker and microwave.